Documentation & Approvals

4 weeks + Council approval period + 4 weeks

  • During this stage we work with you to refine and document the details of your home.  Your Intermode State Regional Manager will guide you through this stage.

  • We will co-ordinate the necessary consultants - such as structural/civil engineering, bushfire, geotechnical etc. and requirements to achieve the statutory building sustainability index in your state (eg. BASIX in NSW).

  • We will liaise with your local Council, regarding their requirements, and submit the appropriate drawings and reports for their assessment.

  • After achieving Council development approval, we will meet with you again to refine the details of your home and prepare a package of final construction drawings and documentation which confirms all your exterior architectural and interior design choices. 

  • Before commencing this stage we ask for a further fee payment that varies depending on the scale of your house, your bespoke design choices and the complexity of your site.