Intermode shortlisted in Australia's 2016 Interior Design Awards

The team at Intermode is thrilled to announce, Red Hill House has been shortlisted for the prestigious Interior Design Awards. Now in its 13th year, the awards celebrate the best the Australian interior design industry has to offer. The awards will be held on Friday June 10 at the Wentworth Ballroom in Sofitel Wentworth Sydney.

The brief was to design a weekender that was flexible, low maintenance and would maximise its relationship to the extraordinary landscape. The clients, a professional couple, wanted to entertain large gatherings of family and friends but also be able to separate themselves for rest and relaxation.

Positioned at the top of a hill, the house is totally engrained within its site. Elegant yet understated, the property is approached via a northern courtyard, which has an abundance of outdoor seating.

Programmatically, the house is simply planed, with private zones to the eastern end and public zones to the west.  The floor plan has been laboured over to reduce the amount of corridors and to allow for a seamless interconnection of spaces. Through careful planning and insight, the interiors all have panoramic views of Western Port Bay. The creative manipulation of sunlight not only becomes part of the defining character of the home, but also softens the hard forms.

Although significant in scale, the interiors neutral colour and material palette ensure that it’s not grand or ostentatious; it’s sinuous, delicate and luxurious, with a high degree of craftsmanship and customised design. Each of the interior spaces are layered with hidden compartments such as storage, a scullery or even a roll out bed for grandchildren, which continue to reveal themselves as you travel through the spaces.

With detailed framing, wide eaves and a rich, textured material palette, Red Hill House contributes to the Mornington Peninsula’s assembly of unique residential architecture.

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