The New Urban Intermode

You’ve found it! Your dream location.

The address can’t be beaten. Close to the city centre, the schools, the restaurants, the cafes… it’s the cosmopolitan lifestyle you’ve been pining for.

With great enthusiasm you contact a design firm and arrange a site visit. You’re looking forward to working with an architect who will meet your family’s requirements.

Much to your dismay, the site proves to be a challenge. And after addressing the limitations, the plans take nine months to go through council – a little longer than expected. Eventually you take to tender and realise it’s 50% more than you can afford, so you settle for a cheaper builder… one who has a couple of holes in his pricing.

Two years on, you visit your ‘dream’ spot. There is a slab of concrete, a pair of workman’s boots and a portable radio. It’s going to be a long and very costly ride. The question now is do you sell?

Now imagine an alternative.

Imagine a house that can fit the dimensions of an urban site – effortlessly.

Imagine a house that can be built simply and easily, in a specific timeframe, with no extra costs.

Imagine a house you can design yourself.

For the past seven years Intermode has established a strong portfolio of architecturally-designed homes in rural and coastal areas across Australia. Favoured for our high-end, flexible designs and hassle free builds without unnecessary complexity, delay and cost overruns, Intermode has had enormous success in meeting our client’s requirements and exceeding their expectations.

The demand for great architecture in inner-suburban areas is rising. As more people opt for charm and location over sprawling footprints, they want a contemporary design that will accommodate the needs of their family and lifestyle.

Urban Intermode provides a great design solution for tricky inner-suburban blocks. Using our bespoke room modules, Intermode allow clients to design their own homes to suit varying accommodation and site specific needs. Whether it’s a rectangular or an L-shaped floor plan, timber or alternative facade, each design offers a more urban focus with an emphasis of flexibility. The designs typically include a central courtyard to bring greater synergy between internal and external spaces, which introduce maximum light and avoids overlooking.

This Urban Intermode house (to the right), is positioned on a tricky site in Melbourne’s inner-east. The clients, a family of four, wanted a contemporary home that would create connections between each room, with the kitchen as a hub for all family activity. The brief also required an extra bedroom and living area to accommodate visiting relatives and guests.

From the moment the clients walked into the Intermode office, they have been engaged throughout the entire design process. From choosing the material palette to reshaping the rectangular forms, the clients have been integral to the success of the design outcome.

Proudly commanding a corner lot, the house presents as a series of long rectangular forms. The ground floor houses the main living areas and a two car garage. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows illuminate the open plan kitchen and dining area. Upstairs are the sleeping quarters, which spill out to a large balcony that wraps around the entire back half of the structure.

Stacked two levels high, this design is a novel approach to the Australian residential typology. It offers a unique, refreshing experience and a feeling of space, without sacrificing a bustling metropolis position.