‘Spine Wall’ Laundry

The ‘spine wall’ (or European) laundry is designed to allow for a full laundry to be housed in the 1.2m wide ‘spine wall.'   This is a surprisingly spacious and effective area, and is very useful when our clients are looking to conserve the house's area and cost.


  • Area of 1.2m x 3.6m with 2.7m ceiling heights
  • Laminate/melamine finish to full height joinery
  • Hanging rail above bench
  • Bench tops with laminate finish and aluminium edge detail
  • Bench with deep laundry sink
  • Space for front loading washing machine and dryer
  • 300 x 300mm floor tiles


  • 2-pack paint finish to joinery
  • Bench tops with stone or stainless steel finish
  • Under bench storage
  • Miele (or other brand) washing machine and dryer included
  • Other