"This low-lying house … is remarkable for its stylish simplicity and belies the fact that it is constructed entirely from standard room modules."

Belle Magazine (Read article)

Intermode designs and builds our homes using a modular grid as the basis of all floor plan decision making. Our rooms are designed around this grid, and are highly flexible in creating perfect room sizes for your family. This flexibility means that each house is unique, as each site and clients needs are individual, requiring a customised, yet highly efficient architectural response. Our approach allows clients to fully understand the design process, enabling them to become more involved in their homes eventual design. 

Our select range of materials, finishes and building process also work in unison with our modular grid. Therefore, an individual construction ‘cost plan’ can be quickly determined, allowing our clients to understand a specific budget relating to their design. 

The key to our strong client relationships, smooth processes and award winning projects, is to empower our clients with this knowledge in the very first weeks of our process. Intermode’s unique modular approach is essential to achieving this.